What Does the Color Option refer to?

The color choice of Brown, Blue or White refers to the rims of platters, serving dishes and vases; the covers of sugar bowls and the interiors of cups, utensil cups, and small bowls. The design will always be on the white portion of your product. There are examples of each color in each product category.


I am a retail customer and mistakenly checked the Net 30 box at check out.. what do I do?

To complete your order you must call the studio and provide your credit card number.


Why will it take so long to ship my order?

All Laura Zindel ceramic products are made by hand to order in our Vermont studio. Because of the wide variety of our products we do not carry stock and orders typically take 1-3 weeks to ship. Your ship date is based on the quantity and type of items ordered. You will receive an email with an estimated ship date within 48 hours of placing your order.

We appreciate your patience and understanding of our process and the time that it takes to make your order.


What does Out of Stock Mean?

This means the item is temporarily out of stock and will be available at a future date. Please e-mail customer service or call the studio at 802.254.8930 for more details.


What is the difference between Handmade and Dinnerware?

Handmade items have our logo stamped into the clay on the bottom of each piece. If you run your finger over the logo you will be able to feel the logo pressed into the clay surface.

Dinnerware items have our logo fired on the bottom of each piece in the same way that our designs are fired to the clay surface. If you run your finger over the logo on the bottom it will be smooth to the touch.


Why is the Shipping so expensive?

Your order is fragile and heavy. We pack your order carefully to ensure that it doesn't break in transit. All costs are determined by our shippers.