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Wholesale Accounts

Laura Zindel Design

Wholesale Accounts are given at our discretion to brick and mortar stores that fit our brand and products. We will work carefully with you to maintain the exclusivity of our products in your area. You may only sell our work at the address of the store on your account. If you wish to sell our products at more than one location, you must open a store account for each location. We do not use reps and our products may only be purchased wholesale directly from Laura Zindel Design. Our products can not be sold on any third party websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.

Step 1.

You must first create an online account with If you have not done so already, set up an account using this link: Set up an Account

Step 2.

Once your online account is created, please return to this page and a submit a wholesale account request using this link: Wholesale Account Request

If your account request is approved we will contact you with further information and instructions on how to place your orders online.

Information for Wholesale Customers:


We currently only ship online orders within the continental U.S. If your store is outside of the United States, please click here to contact us: Customer Service




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If you have an existing wholesale account, please sign in using your credentials here.

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